Episode 10: Relationship with Feelings

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Episode 10. Feelings… we all have them. Yup, we are these human beings with feeeeeelings, which doesn’t mean that we allow ourselves to acknowledge the different range of feelings available to us. In today’s society, we are inundated with different ways to avoid being present with our feelings, especially the painful ones, but by doing so we are also avoiding being present with joy and happiness!

How is our life affected when we don’t allow ourselves to be in relationship with our feelings? Are we living fully when we don’t allow ourselves to feel our feelings?

In this episode, Vicki and Arianne share their stories on how they’ve abandoned and numbed out their feelings in the past (and still do at times!) They also share what they’ve done differently so they now experience the vast range of feelings that create a sense of feeling alive. Join them and learn how you too can reclaim your relationship with YOUR feelings and step into living more fully today!

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Relationships Reclaimed

Join us, certified Life Coach Arianne Moore and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Vicki Wilburn, as we explore and share stories of how we are reclaiming relationships with Body Image, Food, Sex, The Unknown, Fun, Happiness, Trauma and so much more!!! Our conversations are honest, real, raw, and human in hopes YOU can start to reclaim your relationships with anything and everything. Find the podcast on Apple Podcast and other major podcasting platforms *Relationships Reclaimed podcast and the information we deliver is in no way a substitute for one to one professional help.

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