Episode 8: Relationship with Rules

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Rules! Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

Why are rules created and what are they for?  What rules do you have for yourself and others? Where did they come from? What happens when we are told a rule but it doesn’t align with our values? These are a few of the questions we looked at when dissecting relationship with rules.

When we started chatting about this relationship, we didn’t realize the vast variety (categories) of rules out there: our own rules about who we are as a person, family rules, community rules, societal rules, legal rules,  gender rules, and the list goes on……

In this episode, we unpacked our own relationship with rules together, which we wondered would bore our listeners (we even talk about this!) but we also recognize how important this conversation and relationship is! This is a topic that we feel needs to be opened up so we’re super happy to invite you into this conversation. Grab a cup o’ coffee, tea, or wine, or maybe even your fave Kombucha and let’s chat about rules!

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