Episode 7: Relationship with Sacred Sexuality

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Relationship with Sacred Sexuality!

In this episode, we are joined with Nadine Robinson who is a wild medicine woman! She was a midwife for over twenty years and then transitioned into creating her women’s holistic wellness practice where she teaches wild women to heal their wounds and trust their Soul path with the world!

It’s almost hard to do a write-up about this episode. Not because it’s about sex, but because it invokes such a feeling of empowerment along with an understanding that so much about sex is unspoken. This episode blew our minds as we talked about body shaming (and slut-shaming), orgasm, sex-positive, one-night stands, orgasm, right relationship with our own body, and the centering of our own pleasure.

We talk about it all! We really can’t say enough about what’s unpacked in this episode because Nadine knows her stuff and she is willing to share it all.

“We (our bodies) are designed for bliss” Nadine Robinson

Anything we write will not do this episode justice. So, please take a listen – you won’t be sorry!

Please note that this episode contains explicit language and is not suitable for children.

Nadine Robinson can be found:

website: wildmedicinewoman.ca

FB and IG: @peacehealingwellness

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