Episode 12: Relationship with Stress

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Stress – nobody is immune to stress – it’s unavoidable to walk through life without stepping into this relationship in some form.

In today’s society, we are impacted with situations and experiences that bring about a stress response that can feel very daunting and at times even overwhelming. What is the purpose of stress? Yes, it has a purpose – shocking, we know! And, hold onto your hats people, there are numerous aspects of stress that are healthy.

What happens when we let stressful factors go on for an extended period. How were we taught to handle stress? What was modeled for us in this relationship? Can we widen the scope of how we handle stress so that it becomes a relationship that is helpful rather than harmful? How do we cope with the stress factors of our lives and how do we know if it’s an unhealthy amount of stress.?

So, slow down, light a candle, grab a blanket, curl up on the sofa, hit play, and join us as we look at this beautiful and complex relationship.

Relationships Reclaimed

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