Episode 13: Relationship with Vulnerability

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“To be vulnerable is to be emotionally naked”

What’s it like to be seen in our emotional nakedness?

Are you shakin’ in your boots yet?

Do you feel like shutting down or diving into this relationship? Because your body’s response might inform you of your relationship with vulnerability.

In this episode, we look at our relationship with vulnerability, how it feels to be vulnerable, and what it’s like when our vulnerability isn’t met (gulp). We also look at what the cost is when we don’t show up vulnerable in our relationship with others….because the cost is HUGE!

So, sit down and settle in as we look at this beautiful relationship that can make or break us.

Relationships Reclaimed

Join us, certified Life Coach Arianne Moore and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Vicki Wilburn, as we explore and share stories of how we are reclaiming relationships with Body Image, Food, Sex, The Unknown, Fun, Happiness, Trauma and so much more!!! Our conversations are honest, real, raw, and human in hopes YOU can start to reclaim your relationships with anything and everything. Find the podcast on Apple Podcast and other major podcasting platforms *Relationships Reclaimed podcast and the information we deliver is in no way a substitute for one-to-one professional help.

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