Episode 14: Relationship with Communication

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Did you know that we are constantly communicating even if no words are being spoken?  Truthbomb, we know!

What if a large part of our communication wasn’t about the verbal words that we speak?

One of the reasons that communication is a tricky relationship is because it’s more than just speaking verbally. It’s about body language, tone of voice, intention, energy! Have you ever had anyone roll their eyes at you?! What message did that send without a single word being uttered and how did it feel?  Communication is such a complex relationship! What happens to our relationships when spoken words and the relationship message (body language etc) don’t align? Where does that leave us?

In this episode, we look at how we’re constantly communicating something even if and when words aren’t being spoken.  And, we look at the three different ways of giving and receiving information that is unique to each person! (hint – if you learn this it might make communication in your relationships so much easier!) You can thank us later 😉

Join us as we dive into the beautiful art of communication and the different layers of this relationship.

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