Episode 18: Relationship with the Stories We Tell Ourselves

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We are constantly running a narrative in our heads, and often, these stories can be inaccurate. So, what happens when we run these stories that are perhaps not true? How do they impact the relationships we have with ourselves, others, and the world? What happens when we believe false stories to be true?

Not all of the stories that we make up are false, but how do we know if they’re accurate or true? How can we step into a story that serves and honours our greatness in the world? Because we all have greatness!

In this episode, we share how to shift the stories that we tell ourselves so that we can live from a place of feeling more alive. You know you wanna’ so just press play!

Relationships Reclaimed

Join us, certified Life Coach/Therapist Arianne Moore and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Vicki Wilburn, as we explore and share stories of how we are reclaiming relationships with Body Image, Food, Sex, The Unknown, Fun, Happiness, Trauma and so much more!!! Our conversations are honest, real, raw, and human in hopes YOU can start to reclaim your relationships with anything and everything. Find the podcast on Apple Podcast and other major podcasting platforms *Relationships Reclaimed podcast and the information we deliver is in no way a substitute for one-to-one professional help.

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