Episode 19: Guest – Dr. Kate Hadfield ND, on Women’s Pelvic Health

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Hold onto your hats listeners, because today’s guest is going to blow your mind! In this episode, we talk with Kate Hadfield, a Naturopathic Doctor that has a special interest in women’s pelvic health.

Now, here’s the thing – how many conversations have YOU had that revolve around pelvic health either for yourself or someone that you love? This is not a relationship that many of us talk about, think about, or act upon, and that is a crying shame.

Ladies, most of us along the way have heard or learned something about the pelvic floor – hello Kegels, but this conversation goes way beyond those little exercises and it needs to! In this episode, Dr. Kate walks us through the importance of boundaries, consent, trauma, love, care, and so much more that is involved with the pelvic bowl! Not only is this conversation full of important information, but it should also be a conversation that is happening everywhere! We can’t stress how important pelvic health is for women everywhere. So please, NOW is the time to tune in and tap into the relationship that is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT with your pelvic health.

Find Kate Hadfield đŸ‘‡
Website: yourpelvicnd.com
Instagram: @yourpelvicnd

The website and book that were referenced in the podcast:

Book: The Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

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