Episode 20: Relationship with Aging

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Unless you’ve found the fountain of youth, you are always aging.

But what is aging? Is aging about how we feel in our bodies? Is it how we feel in our minds? Is aging about the wisdom we carry within? Is it only about chronological age and the biological and physiological process our bodies go through?  Is aging about how old we look in our physical bodies? Or, is it all of the above and more?  With aging (anti-aging) being a billion-dollar industry, this is a relationship that deserves to be spoken about.

Please be forewarned, that we laugh and have fun in this episode as we dive into what aging means to both of us and how our relationship has changed with the passing decades (like we’re dinosaurs or something).

And about twenty minutes into the episode, we actually discover the fountain of youth. You’re welcome! 😉

Relationships Reclaimed

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