S3 Episode 4: Guest Cohost Deedre Statz on Relationship with Intuition

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“The true use of the body is actually to be a communication device.”

In this beautiful episode, I am joined with Deedre Statz as she guest co-hosts and guides us through a conversation on Relationship with Intuition. This episode really blew me away. Not only did Deedre settle into co-hosting like a podcasting pro, but she brought so much insight and gentleness to a relationship that can feel taboo to some.

At the time of this recording Vicki, my cohost and partner in crime was unable to record due to recovering from surgery. So, instead of flying completely solo – because how boring is that – I followed my intuition and connected with fellow grad and colleague,Deedre  Statz. Not only is Deedre a heart-centered therapist for women, but she is also an Intuitive Healer! So, it felt like a no-brainer to have a discussion around intuitions.

In this episode, we open the conversation up and ask questions like, everyone have intuition? How does one tap into this gift? How comfortable is it to live with our intuition and what happens when we negate or deny this part of ourselves?

So lovelies, please let yourself be held in Deedre’s expertise and love of this very special relationship.

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