S3 Episode 14: Relationship with the Past Impacting the Present Part 1

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Okay, it took us a few minutes to actually figure out the topic of this podcast episode but we got it! We wanted to discuss how the past – our past experiences – can and do impact our current lives.

Our past tells a story. It holds so much information about who we are and why we are today.  Meaning, we will filter life through the lenses of our past and that will dictate quite a bit of how we experience our day to day lives and relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves.

In this episode, we explain a bit about attachment theory, and we share about the attachment styles we have in our current adult relationship based on our infancy experiences.

This was a HUGE relationship to discuss in a short period of time, so we actually decided to make this episode Part 1 of 2.

And….some can feel really apprehensive about looking at their past, and we get that. We really understand that it might be a daunting and scary place, so we want you to know that we see you. Please know that if you want to explore your past and you feel apprehension, find someone to support you along the way! You deserve to have company on this journey.

But one thing that could never be wrong about your past is this: Your past had YOU in it, which means it’s already a beautiful story.

“Who we are now is largely dictated by our past, but we aren’t defined by it.”

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