The best date that didn’t end with a goodbye kiss

I have been going on a lot of dates lately! But not with men! Or women! Or anyone else! I’ve been taking myself on dates and it’s been the most amazing experience. Even as I write [...]


Why we should shut the door on perfectionism

As a perfectionist you want the outside world to see you only in a certain light: nothing is ever wrong, you got it all together, always keeping your cool, knowing how to handle everything. But [...]


The Connection Confusion

We all want connection. As per Brene Brown, we are neurobiologically engineered to connect. What I find fascinating is that we as humans seem to do as much as we possibly can to cause separation. [...]


Everything is temporary

Just this morning I was reminded of something that I often tell my clients; everything is temporary. It’s also a mantra I tell myself quite often especially in times when I feel my lowest. [...]


The Friend I Met On My Journey *Spotlight Appearance*

This is the first time I’ve ever had a spotlight appearance on my blog, and this story is one that deserves to be shared. It is written by one of my closest friends as she shares a struggle [...]

Finding myself again

Empowered living takes all forms. Posting this onto the internet for all to see is super vulnerable for me and it allows me to step into a place of empowered living because I’m trusting my [...]


What if we’ve all done enough?

There’s this song. The first time I heard it, I wept. This song, anytime I hear it now it makes me stop; I stop doing, thinking, I even hold my breath, so for a few moments I even stop [...]


The Power of Letting Go

That moment! That moment when I knew life could be different. Empowered living has a lot to do with letting go. Earlier this year I went to Costa Rica and spent eight amazing days exploring the [...]


You don’t have to be a Queen to wear a crown; you just have to be empowered

You don’t have to be a Queen to wear a crown; you just have to be empowered. I had no idea that when I signed up to take part in a blog series called 30 Days of Gorgeous, it would have such [...]


The truth about grieving lost dreams

Grieving lost dreams does not sound glamorous, this I know. I have to admit that when I decided to put this down as one of my ten steps in my 90-day Program, I hesitated a bit. I worried it would [...]

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