I contacted Arianne in early 2014 because I had reached a point in my life where I felt if something did not change then I was going to have a breakdown. Things had become very unbalanced in my life and I needed support and guidance to get it back to a good, positive place in my life. In our first conversation I found Arianne was easy to talk to and she understood where I was coming from. The sessions that we had over the next several months were great. The session preparation required me to identify areas that I needed or wanted to focus on, which made me stop and really think about what my current issues and concerns were. It also meant that at the end of the sessions I had a “take-away”items to continue to work on to continue to make progress. After several months of session with Arianne I feel better equipped to deal with concerns, worries and limiting beliefs that come into my life and I am feeling very positive about my life.”