Counselling and Coaching are similar in the fact that you have someone walking beside you, shining a light where you may experience some darkness. Where coaching is all about forward movement, planning and goal setting for tomorrow and the future, counselling differs as we take a look at the past. This may feel or seem daunting but the past has so much beautiful information – because my dear, you were in it. The past holds a history and tells a story of where you have been and what steps you have taken to get you HERE today. It holds information and information is knowledge and knowledge is empowering. When you can understand more about who you are in the ‘here and now’ and why you show up the way that you do – you have more choices in the decisions that you make, and the action that you take. During counselling sessions we use specific processes to help you move through any areas that keep you stuck in the here and the now based on the story from your past. Counselling helps you look at your anxiety levels, feelings, habits, patterns and your family system – because all of this allows you to become the narrator of your own story, rather than the story running you.

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