Everything is temporary

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Just this morning I was reminded of something that I often tell my clients; everything is temporary. It’s also a mantra I tell myself quite often especially in times when I feel my lowest. I used to have this hidden belief that if I was experiencing upset of any sort, that it would last forever; that I would be forever stuck in turmoil, in the devastation, in the anger, in the grief. I always feared that I would get lost in the abyss of darkness should I happen to fall in… so I avoided it. I shoved any feeling that was the opposite of ‘happy’ aside and faked my way through each moment, which mostly left me feeling empty.

Everything is temporary

Just as clouds pass us by in the sky, so do our emotions; they shift and change from moment to moment, day to day, circumstance to circumstance. I just read an entry in Melody Beattie’s book, Journey to the Heart that spoke of how our feelings change as fast as the scenery does when driving in a car. I love that imagery!

I often remind my clients of this when we’re moving through some heavy emotional pieces; that this won’t last forever. The sun will always come out!

So, next time you find yourself stepping into the shadows of your emotions, feel them, embrace them, love them and know that you won’t be there forever.


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