Episode 15: Relationship with Forgiveness

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Episode 15. Forgiveness!

Forgiveness for Self.

Forgiveness for others.

Such a hot topic!

If we forgive someone does it mean the action was okay? Is it possible to step into forgiveness too soon? What are your family rules around forgiveness? Where does accountability take place in our relationship with forgiveness?

The relationship with forgiveness can be really confusing,  messy, and even painful. For some, it comes with a sense of ease but the majority of the population really struggles with stepping into forgiveness in a way that honours them! So, what if YOU could step into forgiveness in a way that truly honours your unique being and life experiences.

Join us as we explore our own relationship with forgiveness – how it’s shown up in our lives  – and how we’ve explored this relationship in our own way.


The Forgiveness Prayer – read by Arianne as part of a group study.
Created by Kimmy Scarpine  – kimmyscarpine@gmail.com
*Based on the 12-Step Program, Ho’oponopono and A Course in Miracles

A Forgiveness Prayer                      

God, _______________,  like me, is a spiritually struggling person. Please help me to show _________________tolerance, compassion and patience.  Thank you, God, for loving me in my anger and resentment.  Please remove this anger and resentment and show me how to take a kindly and tolerant view of ________________.  Please show me how I can be helpful to _______________. Please help me to mean these words as I say them:

Thank you, _______________for being my teacher, my role model, my reminder.

I’m sorry and I take full responsibility for asking you to play “that” role in my life so that I could learn “that” lesson.

Please forgive me for anything I have ever done, any thoughts, words, or actions that could have caused you any harm. I recognize my role as your teacher as well.

I love you, for I see you as a true fragment of God, perfect and sinless as your highest self.

I release you for I now recognize that the purpose of this relationship is to make me conscious, not to make me happy.

I forgive myself, for forgetting that I too am a perfect extension of God.


 *Based on the 12-Step Program, Ho’oponopono and A Course in Miracles 


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