Episode 16: Relationship with Responsibility and Accountability

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Relationship with accountability and responsibility can be a tricky one! It’s not easy to know where our accountability ends and someone else’s begins because there are layers upon layers of emotions, wounds, and family history to sift through. Seriously though, did you know it was so complicated? We look at questions like: what did you learn about responsibility and accountability when you were younger? How easy is it for you to step into a relationship and own any negative impact that you’ve contributed, aka eating humble pie? What happens when you always assume the full responsibility of a dilemma in any relationship?

See. Complex! Who knew?!

That’s why we opened this relationship up to our listeners – we wanted to share that this relationship can have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and it has a huge impact on what direction our relationships take.

Join us as we also eat a bit of humble pie and take accountability for something that we’ve been feeling guilty about!

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