S3 Episode 6: Relationship with Mindfulness

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Mindfulness seems to be a bit of a buzzword that’s spewed all over social media over the past few years, but what is it, really? Simply put, mindfulness is being present and being in the moment. It’s about noticing yourself and noting how you experience yourself in the moment. But, how much of our waking hours are spent being present and mindful?  Is it possible to have a fully functioning life and be mindful at the same time? Does one need to join a convent or meditate in order to be mindful?

In this episode, we chat about how and if, we are practicing mindfulness – what it’s like to be mindful within each moment and are there any benefits to not being mindful?  Join us as we have aha moments and discover and unravel another relationship that felt somewhat ‘unknown’ when we hit record.

Relationships Reclaimed

Join us, certified Life Coach/Therapist Arianne Moore and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Vicki Wilburn, as we explore and share stories of how we are reclaiming relationships with Body Image, Food, Sex, The Unknown, Fun, Happiness, Trauma and so much more!!! Our conversations are honest, real, raw, and human in hopes YOU can start to reclaim your relationships with anything and everything. Find the podcast on Apple Podcast and other major podcasting platforms *Relationships Reclaimed podcast and the information we deliver is in no way a substitute for one-to-one professional help.

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