S3 Episode 16: Relationship with Resiliency

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What is resiliency? Why is resiliency important as we travel through life? How do we know what our resiliency is and can we build it?

Resiliency help us get through the stickiness of life. It’s the qualities that make us who we are, and it’s so much more. This is a really interesting relationship to speak about because we found the description to be very ambiguous. So, we just spoke about how we experienced ourselves in resiliency and how we help others, mainly our clients, know their resilience.

Close to the end of the episode, we go a bit off track where we have a disagreement (eeek!), and after we ‘clean it up,’  we tied it back into the relationship with resiliency! It was a bit uncomfortable for us but we let ourselves be revealed in real-time and kept recording.

We think it’s important to know resiliency because it’s a beautiful relationship to have, hold onto, and build upon. Please be with us as we explore this ever-wonderful relationship and bu curious about your own beautiful resilience.

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