S3 Episode 15: Relationship with the Past Impacting the Present – Part 2

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We followed through! We’re so proud! In our last episode, we offered some brief information on attachment style and how our attachments will show up in the ‘here and now’. However, we didn’t give a lot of examples and share how the past will impact the present based on our own experiences. That’s what we did in this episode; after briefly recapping last episode we share memories and tie the impact of those moments to the here and now.

We have such passion for this relationship because as therapists, we know how crucial it is to understand our past. We also understand that for some, looking and learning about the past can feel hard. It’s our hope to model in this episode (and previous ones), some of the benefits that come with understanding our history. The past might hold some, or a lot of pain, but it also holds beauty, because that’s what YOU are and that doesn’t ever change.

Relationships Reclaimed

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