Episode 18: Relationship with Self

Episode 18. Relationship with self! This is the ultimate relationship. The relationship we have with our Selves will often dictate the relationship we have with others in our lives and with the [...]


Episode 2: Relationship with Body Image

In this episode of Relationships Reclaimed, we talk about body image! This is such a huge and hot topic because the majority of our population will have, at some point in their lives,  [...]


Why we should shut the door on perfectionism

As a perfectionist you want the outside world to see you only in a certain light: nothing is ever wrong, you got it all together, always keeping your cool, knowing how to handle everything. But [...]


Everything is temporary

Just this morning I was reminded of something that I often tell my clients; everything is temporary. It’s also a mantra I tell myself quite often especially in times when I feel my lowest. [...]


What if we’ve all done enough?

There’s this song. The first time I heard it, I wept. This song, anytime I hear it now it makes me stop; I stop doing, thinking, I even hold my breath, so for a few moments I even stop [...]


The Power of Letting Go

That moment! That moment when I knew life could be different. Empowered living has a lot to do with letting go. Earlier this year I went to Costa Rica and spent eight amazing days exploring the [...]


I miss you and you’re beside me

‘I miss you, and you’re beside me.’ Words that when I saw them scribbled onto a bench brought back a ton of memories. It made me wonder if the person that wrote on this bench [...]


You don’t have to be a Queen to wear a crown; you just have to be empowered

You don’t have to be a Queen to wear a crown; you just have to be empowered. I had no idea that when I signed up to take part in a blog series called 30 Days of Gorgeous, it would have such [...]


The truth about grieving lost dreams

Grieving lost dreams does not sound glamorous, this I know. I have to admit that when I decided to put this down as one of my ten steps in my 90-day Program, I hesitated a bit. I worried it would [...]


Creating True Holiday Happiness by Overcoming One Limiting Belief

The Christmas season is such a great time of year! Or at least that’s what we all say, but our own limiting beliefs can keep us back from experiencing a season filled with so much [...]